Automatic Plastic Pallet Washing Machine

Products detail:


The cleaning machine is our special cleaning for food turnover box and the design of a cleaning equipment, with a complete cleaning and sterilizing function. in addition to the motor, outside the nozzle are made of SUS304 stainless steel, high temperature resistant plastic nozzle using quick release nozzle.

5 section length is 2940mm, divided into four groups: the first group is a spray pipe, hot water, second groups of about 80 DEG C hot water, third groups for tap water, fourth groups for the disinfection of water; in addition to the third group of four groups of spray water are equipped with separate filtration tank, third groups of tap water as supplement water recycling second to the water tank, discharging part of dirty water after heating, third tank water disinfection by adjusting the concentration of adding second; first, the water tank is provided with steam heating tube, temperature at room temperature to 80 DEG C to set free; can also use the electric heating rod heating, heating power respectively as the alkali water tank 20kW, hot water tank were 30kW automatic temperature control;


3.the three circulating water tank adopts the horizontal stainless steel centrifugal pump circulation spray cleaning, from up and down the four directions at the same time to spray the washing basket, each water tank is provided with two filter device, easy to clean up the goods at any time; each tanks are equipped with separate drain valve, pipe cutting uniform emission; first pump for 1.5KW, second for water pump 5.5kW, third pump power is 0.75kw;


4.Conveyor belt drive motor power 0.55kw, 3-15m/min mechanical stepless adjustable conveyor speed.

On both sides of the 5 cleaning room activities waterproof door, the two soft curtain closed waterproof, easy cleaning and maintenance equipment;


5.stainless steel equipment is provided with electric control box, all power centralized control;



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