High Efficiency Multi-functional Pallet Washing Machine

Product introduce:


Food basket washer is suitable for cleaning the transfer box / basket of meat, aquatic products, vegetables and other food processing enterprises.Conventional three steps for cleaning, hot water, detergent water, hot water three phases.

The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel,Selects the stainless steel heat pumps.it can replace the traditional man-powered cleaning, and meet the requirements of different food enterprises to clean turnover box or basket. Its operation is reliable and stable, easy to install and repair, and has the characteristics of high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, low energy consumption, long service life and so on.In addition, according to the different requirements of customers to produce a variety of different specifications of the turnover box (plate) cleaning machine.


Equipment construction and performance characteristics:

Frame body: the whole machine made of SUS304 stainless steel,frame type design, in use process will not deformation. The main parts of removable, easy maintenance.

Cover: waterproof sealing cover design, housing the internal plate adopts the design of tilting, won't cause water, prevent the equipment in the process of spray droplets spatter. Pump lift type open means, make the operation workers.


1).Tub tilting, the following slide design, all water tank can be alone and convenient cleaning trough bottom health, easy to operate.

2). The tank protection cover is combined with the humanized design can hang in the above to prevent collision operator.

3). The internal automatic filling water floating ball, any a tub water level is reduced, through water pipe automatic filling water.

4). Inside there are three layer filter, protect water pump, filter water impurities. 

Each water tank are provided with filtering device (internal filtration device for three layer filtration), he water of the water tank cleaner for secondary use, easy to clean up the dirt at any time, the filter basket design widened to deepen higher than conventional, filter basket aperture is 3 mm. (pictured above)

Spray system:
1).Conical cleaning nozzle arrangement for stereo four-way mounting structure, a scattered distribution, nozzle angle adjustable, cold, hot water cleaning, the cleaning is more thorough, all the pipes and joints are the quick change connector design, each nozzle pipe can achieve without dismounting tool, easy to clean, workers per shift cleaning without dead angle, cleaning the box without dead; 

2).The first period of coarse washing nozzle, hot water washing to remove impurity on the surface of the box, the second section of the detergent, fine cleaning nozzle for fan and conical intersection using box clean more thoroughly, the third section of the water spray system, in order to flush left after washing liquid to clean the turnover box, foam and so on, eventually achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

3).Tank before the second stage adopts horizontal spray cleaning stainless steel centrifugal pump cycle, water pump using the best domestic pump pump industry (per 7.5 KW), southern water pump flow per hour 100 cubic, big flow pump small export, pressure big, clean the cleaner. In the first two paragraphs of water temperature 30-50 degrees self-control, after a period of ordinary water pump (each 3 kw), water spray system, to ensure the cleaning effect of ideal.

4).Design a water spray system, in order to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.


Technical parameters:


Machine type


Washing height


Washing width

800×680×100mm or330×220×220mm

Running speed

Frequency control

 Water consumption

Recycled water

The pressure of water supply


Water consumption


The steam consumption


Total power


Machine size


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