Tray Cleaning Machine



Features and benefits:

  • The SUS cover over the tunnel is removable, easy to maintain  and clean.
  • High quality material. The material is SUS304 stainless steel meeting the state sanitary criterion.
  • Flexible spray nozzles are equipped all around the tunnel, to ensure throughly cleaning, no-blind-corner.
  • High efficiency. Energy, water and labor saving,  only 600L water per hour and 1-2 workers for 600-800 boxes per hour.
  • The width of the slideways is adjustable to fit direrent-size boxes/baskets.
  • All the water containers are equipped with stainless-steel pipe to spray and wash circularly from all directions.



  • The tunnel-type washing machine is applied to food processing industry,distribution center and dispatch center.
  • It can wash and disinfect all kinds plastic baskets,circulation boxes,meal trays,refreezing trays as  well as various containers for eggs, vegetables and fruits.
  • The percentage of water saving reaches to  60%.The advanced device is more labor-saving and water-saving than the traditional washing by hand.


Technical Parameter:

Device Configuration:
◆ device body with full 304 stainless steel, sanitary and clean;
◆ high temperature food grade plastic nozzle nozzle cleaning angle adjustable; avoid dead ends, to ensure clean cleanliness;
◆ 304 stainless steel pumps dedicated heat pumps;
◆ both sides of the fence around the rail can be adjusted for different sizes of wash basket;
◆ hot alkali tank heating and hot water can be used steam heating or electric heating, automatic temperature control;


◆ speed, temperature adjustable, easy to operate
◆ double filter design, easy to be kept clean
◆ Adjustable brush design, cleaning cleaner
◆ pipeline damping connection, more stable operation

To be based on actual basket size and customer requirements designed customized.