Tray Washer

CM Process Solutions T600 tray washer is capable of washing around 600 trays per hour and is specifically designed for small to mid-sized plants needing to wash items such as meat lugs, plastic trays, stainless steel sheet pans, and even buckets.


The T600 Tray washer can be supplied with either electrical or steam heating. A re-circulated wash tank powered by a 7.5hp pump delivers water through stainless steel sustained jetting positioned 360º around the tray. The wash water is constantly filtered by means of removable filter screens.


The T600 tray washer benefits from standard features such as electrical interlocked service covers, a  load and unload table, automatic level controls, and a stainless steel control panel.

As with all our designs, our machines are suitable for use with caustic chemicals and therefore do not need upgrading to any “Stainless Steel Package”.



Industrial Automatic Crate Basket washer machine pallet washer tray washer

1. Brief introduction of   Industrial Automatic Crate Basket washer machine/pallet washer/ tray washer

Plastic pots, baskets, plastic turnover basket washing machine, washing machine basket, box washing machine, stainless steel, meet the health requirements of the state.

The pipe adopts the installation form of buckle type, easy for pipeline cleaning and reliable operation; stainless steel conveying chain and stainless steel nozzle, long service life.

For slaughter, meat, aquatic products, beverage, brewing, Vegetable & Fruit food processing plant or food logistics center, distribution center. Applicable to all kinds of revolving baskets, plates, boxes, pallets, and other containers of cleaning and disinfection. Save water consumption up to 70%, than the old manual cleaning method can save manpower 7 ~ 8 people and is ideal for cleaning equipment in slaughtering, meat, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, beverages, brewing food processing plants or food logistics center and distribution center.


2.The Advantages  of  Industrial Automatic Crate Basket washer machine/pallet washer/ tray washer

Transmission speed frequency adjustable, maximize the effectiveness of the machine, to ensure clean and dry effect.
The switch of the cleaning water is controlled by the photoelectric sensor, and the energy consumption is reduced to the lowest..
The dirty water and cleaning water pipe separately design makes the circular water tank water economy to use the best.
The filter device is disposed on the box body and the dirt filtered by the filter is cleaned

3.The Technical parameter of  Industrial Automatic Crate Basket washer machine/pallet washer/ tray washer

Machine model FM8001
Motor 8.25kw
capacity 40000-5000pieces/hour
Machine size 4000*1100*900mm
Machine weight 850kg
Water pump 40m
Material Stainless steel 304
Warranty 1 year

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