Tray Washing Machine


1. Function:


Main parts: conveying system, water tank with filtration, water recirculation pumps, steam heating, spray nozzles, electrical control system.

Working principal: steam is injected to water directly for heating; the spraying nozzles are used in all directions, so crates can be cleaned from different directions; there are three washing sections, 1st section by spraying alkali solution, cleaning temperature 80 degrees; 2nd section by spraying hot water, temperature 80 degrees; 3rd by normal water cleaning and meanwhile cool the crates before output;


2.Technical Parameter




1) .the conveyor section SUS304 stainless steel mesh belt, smooth operation, long life and other characteristics, in line with food hygiene requirements.

2) . transmission speed using the gear motor, so that the material cleaning time is adjustable.

3) . is divided into four washing water can be recycled, saving energy water. On each is equipped with a multi-layer filtering device to prevent nozzle clogging. With automatic water control device to prevent pump damage due to water shortage.

4) . Machine of stainless SUS304 stainless steel.

5) . Equipment summary: After the unit is turned on, feeding by hand fed to spray cleaning machine or by the transport chain rail connection automatic feed, the first for lye shower and hot water spray, and then circulating water spray, disinfectant spray four independent, external circulating water tank, the filter can be easily extracted. Rinse and export turnover box by a human operator.

6) . lye, hot water, water spray area, disinfectant spray area. High pressure stainless steel corrosion-resistant pumps.

7) . device configuration: Envelope thickness of 2.5mm, stent using 50 * 50 * 2mm square tube, spray tube 38mm.

8) .electrical components Chint electrical control box made of stainless steel.

9). a device other than motors, pumps, rubber 304 are made of stainless steel production.

10) . The four-way three-dimensional washing nozzle mounting structure, cold, hot water, makes cleaning more thoroughly.

11) . Each tank are located prescribe filtration device, easy to clean up any loot.

12) , water sprinkler system design to achieve the desired cleaning effect.

13) . The use of stainless steel multi-stage pump with pressure supply.

14) . unique tracks plus hook block design, totes run more smoothly.