Turnover Plastic Washing Machine

Specification :
This machine conveying part adopts SUS304 the stainless steel mesh belt, smooth operation, long sevice life and other characteristics. This design meet the food hygiene requirement. This machine has bubble device can make strong

bubble.The material enter the sink, the high pressure water flow and strong bubble will fully scattered, tumbling, cleaning and transmitting the material. The dusty washing off from the vegetable surface will sink to the bottom of the isolation storehouse,it wont cause second pollution because of the backflow. The small bug and sundries floating on the water will collected by the meshes, the overflow water will send them to the nylon bag in the low water store. The material will clean by the spray water, then go the next step.The conveyor has blowing device at the end, it can blow off the material on the belt to forbid it back to the washing sink.
This machine is suiteble for washing vegetables,fruits, aquatis products and other granular, leafy, roots materials cleaning,soaking,sterilization and solid color,etc.

Introduction of Plastic tray cleaning machine :

1.The equipment consists of the company combined with Japan’s clean technology and independently

developed and manufactured new washing machine, product performance and greater efficiency

good praise new and old customers at home and abroad. Products greatly improve the work efficiency,

reduce labor and labor intensity.


2.How it works: After the unit is turned on, feeding by hand fed to spray cleaning machine chain track,

the first hot lye shower and hot water spray, then spray water cycle, each group has a separate

circulating water tank, filters using intensive memory material can be easily extracted drained, and easy

to store a large number of the filtrate.
This section is divided into two-stage cleaning equipment cleaning:

1)hot alkali dip-diluted oil.

2)hot water – wash off oil and diluted washing solution.

3)to the basket with a disinfectant cleaning disinfection.


Feature of   Plastic tray cleaning machine :

1: All stainless steel, to meet state regulations for food hygiene.

2: Electric watertight, avoid the humid environment caused by electrical burn.

3: Consumer Electronics with overload protection, leakage protection, ensure the safety

of operating personnel.

4: Frequency control drive, high accuracy.

5: the whole interior of the spray design, even the cleaning process, production rate.

6: with automatic access function, automatic overflow device.

7: the upper basket washing machine basket with compression device, equipped withclip on both sides

of the basket device to prevent lighter water pressure Ambassador basket because the basket out of

the normal orbit.

8: Interior equipment adjustment lever, washable similar specifications turnover baskets.

Main Technical Parameter of Plastic tray cleaning machine 



working height 500mm
Turnover box size Customized
Capacity 200pcs/h
Water pressure 1-2kg
Water comsumption 20L/min
Total power 40.4kw
Cleaning part size 4500*1320*1515mm